Stroud Goodwill 2017

It’s time for the annual Stroud Goodwill Processional! Taking place at the beginning of December every year, this parade around Stroud town centre is a celebration of all things yuletide.

Boss were out in force of course; since our debut at Stroud Goodwill 2015 we’ve set this date firmly in our diaries.

This year’s theme for the parade was ‘Under the Sea’, so after racking our brains and doing some furious Pinterest research, we took inspo from the best undersea creature… OLD GREGG.


You might recognise our leafy tabard creations – these bad boys made their debut during our Jackie in the Green hop on Mayday. Wanting to waste not, want not, we decided to repurpose them with some seaweed-y dangles and angler fish light up headgear.

Pop some neon socks on and BAM! You’ve got some underwater psy-folk realness.

Thanks to Gloucestershire Live for the pic.

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