Bossoween 2017

Boss kept the soulcaking tradition alive on Halloween this year, by paying a visit to the locals of Stroud.

Soulcaking is a tradition of singing, processing, and handing out home-baked ‘soul cakes’ to purge the soul on All Hallow’s Eve. According to this excellent article on the tradition, it was the Celts who brought this festival to life:

“The Celts believed that, on the eve of the festival (our own Hallowe’en), the dead returned to walk the earth for a night and a day and with them came the spirits of evil, at their most potent. Fires blazed on every hilltop to purify the land, defeat the evil ones and encourage the wasting sun to revive. Ceremonial dancing, noisy games and harvest-end rituals took place around these fires with drinking of the herbal ales for which the Celts were renowned.”

Not one to pass up a chance for ales and some noisy revelry, we hit up the pubs of the town centre with baskets of soulcakes. Even Waitrose got in on the action…

Here’s to next year!

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